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The use of color plays a major role in an applications User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX). ColorCycle seeks to help WebDev's better understand RBG colors by making small changes to a colored box over time.

This app draws a box filled with a user specified color and makes small changes over time also based on user input. In other words, from cycles through changes to the originally specified color. These changes allow the user to experience the visual impact different changes to the individual parts of an RGB color specification (e.g. #000000 color code).

User Stories

  • User can specify a starting fill color as a six hexadecimal standard CSS color code in three individual components of two digits each - red, blue, and green
  • User can specify an increment value for each color component that will be added to that component every .25 second
  • User can see the box containing the fill color change every .25 seconds
  • User can only change the color components and their increments when the app is stopped
  • User can start and stop the fill operation using a button whose name changes to 'Start' when stopped and 'Stop' when started
  • User will receive an warning if something other than hexadecimal digits are entered for the color components

Bonus features

  • User can change the time interval between color changes
  • User can specify the color encoding format used from RGB to another format like HSL

Example projects