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Quiz App

Practice and test your knowledge by answering questions in a quiz application.

As a developer you can create a quiz application for testing coding skills of other developers. (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, etc...)

User Stories

  • User can start the quiz by pressing a button
  • User can see a question with 4 possible answers
  • After selecting an answer, display the next question to the User. Do this until the quiz is finished
  • At the end, the User can see the following statistics
    • Time it took to finish the quiz
    • How many correct answers did he get
    • A message showing if he passed or failed the quiz

Bonus features

  • User can share the result of a quiz on social media
  • Add multiple quizzes to the application. User can select which one to take
  • User can create an account and have all the scores saved in his dashboard. User can complete a quiz multiple times

Example projects