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Emoji Translator

Emojis have become the lingua franca of modern society. They are a fun and fast way to communicate, but an also extremely expressive mechanism for communicating emotions and reactions.

The objective of the Emoji Translator app is to translate text entered by the user into an equivalent string of emojis, translated from one or more words in the original text, and words for which there is no corresponding emoji.

User Stories

  • User can enter a string of words, numbers, and punctuation into a text box
  • User can click a 'Translate' button to translate words in the entered text into their corresponding emojis.
  • User can see a warning message if 'Translate' was clicked, but the input text box was empty or unchanged from the last translation.
  • User can see text elements in the entered text translated to their equivalent emojis in an output text box. Text elements for which there is no emoji will be left unchanged.
  • User can click a 'Clear' button to clear the input and output text boxes.

Bonus features

  • Developer will implement an emoji synonym feature to allow the app to translate a wider variety of words to emoji.
  • User can select the language the input text is entered from a dropdown list of languages.

Example projects