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Carnivals and circuses have featured the HighStriker sideshow game since at least the 1930's. This game consists of a tower with a bell mounted at the top and a levered platform at the bottom. When the levered platform is struck with a mallet it causes a puck to travel up a track attached to the tower.

When the platform is struck the puck travels vertically up the track. If hit hard enough the puck will ring the bell, signifying a winner.

The objective of the Highstriker app is to simulate this carnival game. Instead of physical force to move the puck up the track use an algorithm of your own design and a random number generator to determine the puck's speed and the distance it travels.

User Stories

  • User can see an image of the High Striker tower with the bell at the top, the levered platform at the bottom and the track connecting the two.
  • User can click the 'Strike!' button under the levered platform to play the game.
  • User can see the puck travel up the rail.
  • User can hear the bell ring if the puck travels far enough to strike it.
  • User can see a score updated for each click of the 'Strike!' button - the number of times the bell was struck and the number of attempts.
  • User can click a 'Clear' button to clear the score.
  • User can see a congratulations message when a total of 10 points are reached.

Bonus features

  • User can see the bell vibrate when it is struck.
  • User can be awarded points on a scale based on the distance the puck travels up the track. For example, 1 point for 1/8 to 1/4 distance, 2 points for 1/4 to 1/2 distance, 3 points for 1/2 to 3/4 distance, 4 points for 3/4 to the bottom of the bell, and 5 points if the bell is struck.
  • User can hear a sound as the puck travels up the rail.
  • User can hear unique sounds when different points are awarded.

Example projects