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Image Scanner

Create an android and ios app to find phone numbers, email and website links available in a photo and then organise it in the app.

User Stories

  • User can either click a photo or upload a photo from the gallery
  • Processing is done on the image.
  • If there are any phone numbers, email or web links present in the image then they are listed in the cards properly organized.
  • On tap on the details, an option is provided to save as contact.
  • History of search results are provided in the list view

Bonus features

  • Provide an option to add tags for each search results.
  • Add search funtionality based on tags
  • Add login and sync the results across multiple devices.
  • Use google OCR to read text from the image uploaded.
  • Apply regex to identify the phone number, emails and website links on the text identified from the OCR.

Example projects