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Regular Expression Helper

Regular Expressions should be a valuable part of any developers toolbox. They provide a concise way to describe a pattern that can be used to test, search, match, replace, or split the contents of a string. Regular Expressions provide functionality you might otherwise have to implement using loops and more lines of code.

The Regular Expression Helper helps you learn more about Regular Expressions by building a useful tool you'll also be able to use to test expressions you use in your apps.

User Stories

  • User can enter a regular expression.
  • User can enter a string the regular expression can be run against.
  • User can click a 'Run' button to test
  • User can see a warning message if no regular expression was entered.
  • User can see a warning message if no string was entered.
  • User can see the matching text highlighted indicating if test() was able to locate the pattern in the string.
  • User can see a message if none of the text was matched.

Bonus features

  • User can select the flags (like 'g') to be used in the regular expression from a dropdown - global, case insensitive, multiline, sticky.
  • User can select the RegExp function to be applied from a dropdown - test, search, or match
  • User can see a message indicating the result of the selected RegExp function.
  • Developer can run automated tests using a testing framework such as Jest

Example projects