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The purpose of String Art is to provide the developer with practice creating a simple animated graphic, using geometry in the animation algorithm, and creating something that's visually pleasant to watch.

String Art draws a single multicolored line which smoothly moves until one end touches a side of the enclosing window. At the point it touches a "bounce" effect is applied to change it's direction.

A ripple effect is created by only retaining 10-20 images of the line as it moves. Older images are progressively faded until they disappear.

Animation libraries are not allowed. Use only Vanilla HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

User Stories

  • Start by drawing a multicolored line at a random position within the boundary of it's enclosing window
  • Each 20ms draw a new copy of the line at a new position based on a trajectory - the incremental distance from the previous line based on the endpoints
  • When either endpoint of the line touches the boundary of the enclosing window change it's direction and randomly alter its angle
  • Progressively fade the intensity of old lines so that only the most recent 10-20 lines are visible to create the sense of movement or "ripple"

Bonus features

  • User can specify the length of the line and it's velocity
  • User can specify the multiple lines within the window, all moving along different trajectories and velocities

Example projects

This project is very close, but has a small enclosing window and is monochromatic. Daniel Cortes