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To-Do App

The classic To-Do application where a user can write down all the things he wants to accomplish.

User Stories

  • User can see an input field where he can type in a to-do item
  • By pressing enter (or a button), the User can submit the to-do item and can see that being added to a list of to-do's
  • User can mark a to-do as completed
  • User can remove a to-do item by pressing on a button (or on the to-do item itself)

Bonus features

  • User can edit a to-do
  • User can see a list with all the completed to-do's
  • User can see a list with all the active to-do's
  • User can see the date when he created the to-do
  • When closing the browser window the to-do's will be stored and when the User returns, the data will be retrieved

Example projects