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Battleship Bot

Battleship Bot takes the Battleship Game Engine to the next level. This challenge uses your Battleship Game Engine to create a presentation layer using Discord's bot API to allow you to play the game via a Discord chat.

User Stories

  • User can display game rules by entering bb help into the chat window.
  • User can start a game by entering bb start into the chat
  • User can target a cell by entering bb shoot r,c into the chat window, where r and c are the row and column coordinates of the cell to be targeted.
  • User can see the game board showing hits and misses displayed by the bot after each shot is taken
  • User can see a congratulations message after the shot that sinks the last remaining ship.

Bonus features

  • User can surrender a game by entering bb surrender in the chat window.
  • User can see a card containing a graphical representation of the hits and misses rather than a simple 2D table of characters.

Example projects