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Chat App

Real-time chat interface where multiple users can interact with each other by sending messages.

As a MVP(Minimum Viable Product) you can focus on building the Chat interface. Real-time functionality can be added later (the bonus features).

User Stories

  • User is prompted to enter a username when he visits the chat app. The username will be stored in the application
  • User can see an input field where he can type a new message
  • By pressing the enter key or by clicking on the send button the text will be displayed in the chat box alongside his username (e.g. John Doe: Hello World!)

Bonus features

  • The messages will be visible to all the Users that are in the chat app (using WebSockets)
  • When a new User joins the chat, a message is displayed to all the existing Users
  • Messages are saved in a database
  • User can send images, videos and links which will be displayed properly
  • User can select and send an emoji
  • Users can chat in private
  • Users can join channels on specific topics

Example projects