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In the GitHub Timeline app you used GitHub's API to create a timeline of your repos. What could be more powerful that using an API such as this? Why using two API's, of course.

The goal of GitTweet is to create a GitHub app to tweet when a pull request is created for one of your repos.

User Stories

  • User can see an input area tabular display prepopulated with rows for each of the GitHub repos she owns and a selection checkbox next to each repo name, a single input date field, and a 'Scan' button.
  • User can click the checkboxes in the repo list to select or deselect repos for processing.
  • User can enter a date into the date field. This defines the point after which any new PR requests will be tweeted.
  • User can click the 'Scan' button to identify repos that have had a new PR created that has not been previously tweeted. In other words. Consecutively entering the same date to scan from should only generate tweets for PR's that have not yet been tweeted.
  • User can see an error message if no date was entered, if it is not a valid date, or if it is a future date.
  • User can see repos highlighted if a tweet will be generated for them and the 'Scan' button will change to 'Tweet'.
  • User may deselect a repo by clicking on its checkbox. Doing this will change the button back to 'Scan' and clicking it will repeat the search for repos that have had new PR's (not yet tweeted) created since the scan date entered by the user.
  • User may enter an new scan date at this point which also changes the button back to 'Scan'.
  • User may click the 'Tweet' button to send a tweet bearing the following message - Pull Requst #<pr-number> created for repo <repo name> - <repo description>.
  • User can see this tweet send from her Twitter account.

Bonus features

  • User does not need to manually enter a scan date. If omitted the scan will resume from the last scan date which must persist across sessions.
  • User may enter a custom tweet message
  • User repo selections will persist across sessions so they do not have to be reselected each time.

Example projects