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Instagram Clone

A clone of Facebook's Instagram app where you can login/register, create new posts, follow other users and see other people you follows posts

You should create a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) using a Full stack approach such as the MEAN, MERN or VENM Stack to store images to the server and display them to the client.

User Stories

  • User can register for an account storing their name, email/username and password then login to the app using their credentials
  • User can create a post and store images to the server (Preferably in a database)
  • User has a profile that displays all the images they have uploaded
  • User can follow other users
  • User can see other users posts (people who the user follows)

Bonus features

  • User can see a global feed of images
  • The feed auth refreshes when a new post is added (You can use Web Sockets)
  • User can send messages to other users
  • User can create a story for followers

Example projects