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Shell Game

A Shell game is a classic gambling game that dates back to ancient Greece. Playing it requires three shells, a pea, hand dexterity by the operator, and keen observation skills on the part of the player. It's also a classic con game since its easy for the operator to swindle the player. Thank goodness the latter isn't our intent with this app.

This Shell game is intended to provide a graphical interface to the classical shell game and to provide the player with an honest game to play. Our game draws three shells on the canvas along with the pea, moves the pea under one, of the shells, and shuffles the shells for a specific interval of time. The user must then click on the shell she thinks the pea is hidden under. The user is allowed to continue guessing until the pea is located.

User Stories

  • User can see the canvas with three shells and the pea.
  • User can click the shell the pea is to be hidden under.
  • User can see the pea move under the shell that's been clicked.
  • User can click on a 'Shuffle' button to start an animated shuffling of the shells for 5 seconds.
  • User can click on the shell she believes the pea is hidden under when the animation stops.
  • User can see the shell that has been clicked rise to reveal if the pea is hidden under it.
  • User can continue clicking shells until the pea is found.
  • User can see a congratulations message when the pea is located
  • User can start a new game by clicking a shell the pea is to be hidden under (step #2 above). The steps above are then repeated.

Bonus features

  • User can see a score panel containing the number of wins and the number of games played.
  • User can see the number of games played increase when the pea is hidden under a shell
  • User can see the number of wins incremented when the pea is found on the first guess.
  • User can see the shell hiding the pea to animate (color, size, or some other effect) when it is clicked (a correct guess).

Example projects